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The fifa series

The fifa series is produced by EA SPORTS in Canada and is released in a yearly version in automn (September or October). Additionaly to the normal fifa series EA produces extra versions, which are based on the UEFA Championsleague or the FIFA Worldcup and UEFA Euro tournaments. The Championsleague game is published in those years when there is no europeen national team tournament or FIFA Worldcup.

Those games are specialised on the tournament itself and don't contain any other leagues and teams. The well known career mode from the fifa series ist limited on the basic things. At least, in the Championsleague game you find basic elements like the transfer market or regular news from the directorate.

The actual fifa game is 'FIFA 08', released on September 27, 2007. FIFA 08 brings enhancements in gameplay, graphic (improved kit textures) and delivers all known and some unknown leagues, teams and players. At the moment there are 3 patches, which adjust e.g. some missing winter transfers.

April 17, 2008 is the release date of 'UEFA Euro 2008', the official game to the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament in Austria and Switzerland this summer. The Xbox360 and PS3 versions are released with the popular 'Next-Gen graphic', PS2 and PC versions only have the old 'Current Gen' titled graphic.

FIFA 09, which is going to be released in September or October is long awaited especially by the PC users. FIFA 09 is announced to bring next gen graphic for all plattforms, including the PC version. According to this there will be no Playstation 2 version published any more. The PS2 ist not good enough to display the new graphic.