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Anti-Jerking Patch

Author: apollox

Downloaded 3784 times.

In our database since: October 12, 2007

The Anti-Jerking Patch does the following things:

- Blurred effect and other light effects turned off
- Optimized render quality without any lost of power
- Changed rate for rendering to get a smoother game
- Every AI frame is rendered

The patch contains also a second version. Additionaly to the above mentioned points, the second version removes the language selection and the remaining intro.

If you should have problems with the game speed after the installation, you can fix it with a third patch which is also contained in the download file.

The download contains three folders (with intro and language selection and without intro and language selection).
Depending on what you need you have to copy the content of the desired folder in your FIFA 08 main directory.

  • Server 1: Fifaworld 2008 Server