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FIFA 08 Mega Patch!!

Author: apollox

Downloaded 9431 times.

In our database since: August 13, 2008

Today we bring you a big patch, come off it, it's a gigantic patch! Its size is about 8 GB (gigabytes!). Apollox has collected many features for FIFA 08 and the result is the "FIFA 08 Mega Patch".

- Over 1000 faces
- Over 4000 minifaces
- 1280 new minikits
- All FIFA 07 soundpatches
- 246 new adboarsets (therefrom 200 team specific)
- Over 260 stadiums
- A great many kits (roughly about 400-500 )
- and many houndred other features (the complete list you find by downloading the patch or at the FIFA 4 LIFE Forum)

You can either download it or order comfortably a DVD version from apollox. The DVD version only costs 4 euros (arround 6 US dollars or 3 pounds) for transport and blank DVD costs. You can order the DVD either by PM orby email from apollox. The link below guides you to the thread with the download at the FIFA 4 LIFE Forum. There you can revise all features and download the patch. The installation instructions are available in a readme file attached to the download and in the forum thread.

  • Server 1: Download at the FIFA 4 LIFE Forum!